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a) Reactive Dyes

    1. Sunzol Dyes (Vinyl Sulphone Based)

    2. Sunfix Mild Exhaust [ME] Dyes (Bifunctional Dyes)

    3. Sunfix High Exhaust [HE] Dyes

    4. Sunfix Cold Brand Dyes (Dichloro Triazine Based)

    5. Sunfix Hot Brand Dyes (Monochloro Triazine Based)

    6. Salt Free Dyes

    7. Salt Free Dyes for Inkjet Inks

b) Organic Pigment Powders
c) Direct Dyes
d) Acid Dyes
e) Food Colours
Saraf Chemical Industires - Manufacturers & Exporter of Dyestuff
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Product Manufactured

A renowned name in chemical industry of India. Engaged in manufacturing high quality Reactive dyes & Direct dyes. Ahmedabad the hometown of a number of textile units is the place where it all started in the year 1983. It also holds  the glory of being the first manufacturing concern floated  by the Saraf Group.

The wide range of products manufactured by the group are as under :-


Reactive dyes including salt free reverse osmosis type. This flagship of the Saraf concern holds the distinction of being one of the leading manufacturers of  Reactive dyes.


Direct Dyes.

3. Acid Dyes.
4. Organic Pigment Powder
Manufacturing Units
Trading Activities

The group has been the front-runner in the trading of the quality products as under mentioned  :


Food Colour


Disperse Dyes


Sulphur Dyes

The group has been fortunate  to own some of the most well equipped technological & human resources in its Manufacturing concerns.

Quality, Reseach & Development

The endeavor of the unit has always been to serve as many as possible with its quality products. This led us to enter the dynamic & highly technical world market. Not only the group stood the test of time it also emerged victorious by becoming one of the Exporting power-house in this field. The group is constantly striving to increase its already giant  export market by offering a wide range of chemical products at the most down to earth prices.

No Organization can survive in this customer friendly environment without offering the best quality to its esteemed customers. The group has recruited the most efficient & well versed employees in this field to assure the same. Unceasing efforts through the  Research & Development department has confirmed that the company holds & would continue to have an edge over its competitors. The latest technical advances are inculcated in the group without the slightest of delay.



Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council   (CHEMEXCIL)


Gujarat Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association


Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Vatva Industrial Association


Ahmedabad Management Association

Famous writer Peter F. Drucker once Remarked that no business can survive without fulfilling the needs of its existing & prospective customers. The Company following on the same lines is determined to provide quality products to customers at affordable price  & satisfy them to the fullest. The group is elated to inform you that your undeterred support has helped us to achieve it over the time and are sure it would continue in the future.

future Development

The ever alert R&D department has assisted the group in plunging into manufacture of Organic Pigment Powders & Disperse dyes.  We are also developing Reactive Dyes for Inkjet Inks, Wool, Silk and Paper.

We are member of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (C. E. T. P) in Vatva Industrial Zone. The Water Pollution Treatment Plants on the company's premises are as per the specified norms of the Government and have been commissioned since the begining.


Saraf Chemical Industries
(A Division of Saraf Group of Industries)

14, First Floor, Ocean Park, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad - 380 015, INDIA
Phone: +91-79-26762880, 26754881   *   Fax: +91-79-26750600


Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

Bifunctional Dyes (ME)

High Exhaustive
(HE) Dyes

Cold Brand Dyes Hot Brand
Salt Free Dyes Salt Free Dyes for Inkjet Inks
         Pigment Powders

Acid & Direct

Food Colours    


Saraf Chemical Industries Ratnam Granite & Marbles Ptv. Ltd.