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a) Reactive Dyes

    1. Sunzol Dyes (Vinyl Sulphone Based)

    2. Sunfix Mild Exhaust [ME] Dyes (Bifunctional Dyes)

    3. Sunfix High Exhaust [HE] Dyes

    4. Sunfix Cold Brand Dyes (Dichloro Triazine Based)

    5. Sunfix Hot Brand Dyes (Monochloro Triazine Based)

    6. Salt Free Dyes

    7. Salt Free Dyes for Inkjet Inks

b) Organic Pigment Powders
c) Direct Dyes
d) Acid Dyes
e) Food Colours
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Salt Free Dyes for Inkjet Inks

Keeping in trend the latest trend and market requirement at Saraf we have developed various class of Dyestuff for Inkjet Applications.  Various class of dyestuffs like Reactive, Direct, Acid & Solvent are made salt free to suit application in Inkjet Inks. 

Constant developments are being made in the field of Salt Free Dyes for ink and therefore we request you to mail us for information about updated product list and physical properties of the product.

During the salt free process we take utmost are about the Chlorine Content, Sulfate content, Calcium content, Magnesium Content, Slat Contents, pH, solubility, shade & strength. 

To meet the digitized textile printing industry, Saraf has successfully developed Sunjet SF series dyestuff in powder form.



Product Name

Colour Index Name Chloride (ppm) Sulfate (ppm) Calcium (ppm) Magnesium (ppm)

Sunjet Yellow SF-6G

Re. Yellow 95 <200 <100 <50 <20

Sunjet Yellow SF-3R

Re. Orange 12 <100 <300 <100 <50

Sunjet Orange SF-2R

Re. Orange 13 <100 <100 <100 <50
Sunjet Red SF-2B Re. Red 24 <200 <300 <100 <20
Sunjet SF-4B Re. Red 245 <100 <100 <100 <20
Sunjet Red SF-6B Re. Red 218 <100 <300 <100 <50
Sunjet Blue SF-3R Re. Blue 49 <200 <300 <50 <20

Sunjet Black SF-N

Re. Black 8 <100 <100 <100 <50

Sunjet Yellow SF-6G

Re. Yellow 95 <200 <100 <50 <20

Sunjet Yellow SF-6G

Re. Yellow 95 <200 <100 <50 <20

Above shade are illustrative only. For exact shade please ask for samples.  For technical details please mail us at sarafad1@sancharnet.in

Apart from the above, we can also manufacturer all types of Dyes as per specific requirement. 

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